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► Bath Busses in Pattaya

The cheapest and easiest way to get around town is on the Baht Buses. I know they have some other Thai name, but I don’t remember it.

What They Are: Basically, they are modified pickup trucks. There are two padded benches in the back along with a roof, a step to help you get in and some posts to grab hold of. See the photos below. There are hundreds of them driving around all day long.

How They Work: When you see one coming down the road in the direction you want to go, just wave or something and he’ll stop long enough for you to hop on the back. Sometimes if you’re standing there or just walking along they’ll slow down to see if you want a ride. Once you’re on, just ride along until you get where you want to go and hit the buzzer (you’ll see little buttons on the roof or the side poles—even if you don’t hear anything, they buzz up by the driver). He’ll pull over where it’s convenient. Hop out, go over to the passenger door and hand him 10 Baht through the window. It’s good to carry around some coins. Although I had no problems getting change, some have said the driver might claim he has none.

Where They Go: They mostly go in loops, but sometimes they branch off. They travel South on Beach road where they stop at Walking Street. I have seen, during the day, some of them going down Walking Street to the Pier at the other end, but those might be specifically hired. Usually, at Walking Street, they turn East (away from the water) and to up South Pattaya Road to 2nd Road. There, they mostly turn and go North on 2nd Road. Some of them may turn South. Some of them may continue East and go North on Buakow (the N/S road half way between 2nd Road and 3rd Road). If you want to be sure you’re going the direction you want, wait for a bus beyond the intersection where it’s already going your direction.

The ones that go North on 2nd Road mostly go all the way to the Dolphin roundabout at the North end of Pattaya. Most will turn South and go back down Beach Road (the loop). Some of them continue North. Baht Buses go both North and South on Buakow. The ones going South turn West on South Pattaya Road and stop at 2nd Road. Just ahead and to the left is Walking Street. Some of these turn North on 2nd Road, some go South. If you don’t want to get off here, wait for the turn and, if it’s the wrong way, hit the buzzer and get off. Walk across the intersection and wait for one going your direction. Since Buakow kind of peters out in the North direction, I’m not sure exactly where they turn around up North.
If you want to go to 3rd Road and places East, I’m sure you can, but I don’t know how. I’m still enough of a newbie to just know the prime areas.

Buses For Hire:
Mostly, if the bus is moving when you flag it down, it’s going along a fixed route and you’ll pay 10 Baht. You’ll find lots of them parked along the street, particularly late evening near Walking Street. You can always ask one to take you somewhere specific. It will cost more than 10 Baht, but might be worth it to you. For example, I was heading up to the Sanctuary of Truth. I took one North on 2nd Road, got off at the Dolphin Roundabout then walked a little farther North. When a Baht Bus stopped for me I showed him a brochure of the Sanctuary and he said, “50 Baht.” Fine by me. He dropped off his other passenger on the way and took me straight to the entrance. I knew it was out one of the Sois going West from Naklua Road, but wasn’t exactly sure how to get there. When done there, I just walked back to Naklua and grabbed a Baht Bus going South. I stayed on at the roundabout to see which way he’d go. When he headed down Beach Road I just stayed on. I took it all the way to Central Festival Mall. Since that was much farther than a normal ride on one of the circuits, I gave the driver 20 instead of 10. You might find, especially if you go around part of the loop instead of just a straight shot, that they expect a little more. It’s still a good deal.

Friday, April 23, 2021