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▶ Thai Girlfriends and Long Time Relationship

Age - If the girl looks suspiciously young ask to check her ID. Be sure to understand the Thai year system and count at least 18 years back. This year is 2555 in Thailand. You go for DOB 2536 OR EARLIER ( so you don't count months and days which is rather difficult to understand). Some even advise that for farangs the professional girl should be at least 20 (2534 or earlier)-I would appreciate any input on this. Do not go with the very young looking girl if she does not provide an ID or if her ID looks fake or tampered (happens very often). Many hotels do not ask for IDs but then you are at the mercy of any motorbike-taxi driver, street vendor, receptionist, room boy, cleaning lady or whoever sees you and who may call police if he/she thinks the girl is underage. They may get a cut of the blackmail money that you have to pay if you fuck up. And that's if you're lucky and they accept a bribe. Otherwise you get a multi-year vacation in Chonburi prison (jep!). Do not be fulled if she's working in a legit establishment.Many underage girls around, be especially careful in Soi 6. I personally witnessed the installation of CCTV systems in ALL Soi 6 bars about 4 years ago if I remember well, at the demand of the nearby Tourist Police. With plenty of girls around, you don't need to risk yourself getting into a nightmarish situation however attractive the girl might be to you. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Young or not, always ask security/reception to hold girl's ID if she's a freelancer. Otherwise you cannot trace her back should you have a problem.

The Experience - While still leisurely sitting/drinking with her in the bar/disco/wherever, explain exactly how long you like her to stay with you and what time she will be living in the morning. Tell her you take no shit for living early because of "boredom" (beua maak), "I forgot happy birthday my friend tonight", prearranged calls from co-workers about "friend very sick need to take care", "sister had accident have go to hospital" etc. This can happen to anyone even if you are young and good looking.Many reasons for that : she likes only ST but she didn't want to lose the money if you insisted only in LT, a Thai boyfriend/pimp waiting, some other farang boyfriend waiting, bored and want to dance the night away in Lucifer/Insomnia with her friends rather staying with you AND find one more customer there, go with her friends when bars close to some karaoke joint to fuck some cute young thai guy paying him with the money she earned from you (crazy you think ?), you fuck too much and that's hard work ahead for her, she thinks she can get another customer at the bar after you and maximize the profits for the night etc Many girls also like to fly away at the crack of dawn and you have to wake up 6:00 am while only sleeping for a couple of hours, to pay them, check your belongings, lock the door etc. If you want them to stay with you for breakfast for the GFE, specify this beforehand.

Sexual Preferrences - Explain exactly your sexual preferences, what you expect her to do and what you planning to do to her, including how many times you plan to fuck her, if you like to fuck her in the morning (chawp ao ton chao), bareback blowjobs (smoke mai sai tung yang daai mai ?), swallowing, anal sex (ao tuut daai mai ?), or any special sexual preferences of yours.Better to find out beforehand that she can comply because a stern resistance from her part in your room to something you consider an absolute must will probably ruin your appetite for sex. And if its very late at night , odds are you going to sleep alone after you tell her to fuck off . Bear in mind all girls do not do the same things in bed. I even met, to my surprise, soi 6 girls who refused to do a blowjob.If you fuck many times per night tell her that you want to fuck her as many times as you please and if she can take it or not. Ask her if she's now having her menstruation ("pen men mai?") Usually you do not have to pay anything extra for anal sex if specified before final agreement. Try to make all the above conversations in a friendly and laid back manner.

Drunk Girls - Avoid girls that are drunk, they may go to sleep shortly after arriving at your room, especially if they shower first-you get out of shower ready for play and you find her in a semi-comatose state until the next morning (rather pathetic unless you are into necrophilia lol). Avoid girls that seem to be on drugs. Their behavior is at times unpredictable and you can get into serious trouble.

Sick Girls - Avoid girls that are coughing or feel hot to touch (because of fever I mean). Ask them if they feeling well tonight (keun-nee sabaai dee mai ?). If they are ill no matter how sexy they look they can ruin your night by sleeping very quickly, unable to withstand long sexual activities etc.(They can actually ruin your whole trip if you catch some asian flu your body has no resistance to, and be sick for a few days). As a human being you have to understand that she has a good and real reason for that, so if you feel really horny save yourself and the lady the embarrassment and get someone else. If you really like her you can find her at a later date when she feels better. Do get her name and phone number if you feel like it.

Thin Girls - Avoid girls that look extremely thin. AIDS and other serious health conditions may manifest as body wasting.

Smelly Girls - Avoid smelly girls ("men!") or girls that look dirty (sokapok), unkempt or feel dirty to the touch

Supplies - Be sure to have all the necessary supplies for the night at your room such as :

  • Condoms - always have many more than the times you plan to fuck - at least 3 packs - always use a condom. Some friends of mine used to wear two, and one very apprehensive guy a record three. One pal also used sometimes a mexican condom sandwitch - 2 condoms with a layer of hot chilli sauce as a breakage warning device - not recommended :-) ). If you run out of condoms in the middle of the night (your mistake !) do not be shy and ask the reception/bellboy for any condoms many hotels keep some packs for similar situations. If they cannot help don't even think about it twice and run to the nearest 7-11 to buy some more. If its far away take a motorbike-taxi from the nearest soi to get there quicker. You will never regret this little extra effort to do things right
  • KY - some gals will have tight pussies, or feel pain from previous activities. Also a must for good anal sex (She feels less pain, your condom doesn't break that easy). Be aware that dry pussies even if not tight make condoms break easily, and sometimes this goes unnoticed for a while in the heat of the moment. Then you start worrying and head on the way to the clinic with her for HIV tests.Then repeat the test in your home country after 6 months)
  • Shower Gel & Shampoo - plastic hair covers for the girl (not many like to shampoo their hair in the hotel room
  • Lactacid - for the girl's private parts ( all clean girls usually carry them or buy before going into the hotel, so make it a habit to visit 7-11 before getting to the hotel.You may also see staff you forgot you need to buy)
  • Extra Razor and Foam - if you want to shave the occasional hairy pussy (Do not use that razor yourself after that or your face will get infected-numerous hair follicle abscesses)
  • Toothpaste and some extra unused-unopened cheap toothbrushes for girls who forget to carry one in their bags
  • Listerine - ask her to use it before sex especially if you like bj and kisses, try to check on her to rinse properly for 30 seconds not just for 2 ('mai ao, pet maak !).Do the same at the same time to encourage her ( I know many girls giving bareback bj to a guy, don't even brush their teeth and then go and wet kiss the next customer with no worries whatsoever-a curly hair in your mouth after such a kiss is a tell-tell sign)
  • Get any of the above , plus drinks,food,water from the nearest 7-11/Familymart , street food stalls on your way to the hotel. You don't want to run for these at the middle of the night especially if she will be left alone with all your valuables in the room. Also you can avoid this way the scenario that she can clean empty your minibar and you ending up paying ridiculous prices/or ordering expensive/overpriced room service items

Pictures - if you like to take pics of her, take some after entering your room before she undresses/ removes her make-up and always before you pay her. In the morning feeling tired, and with no make-up, many girls don't look so shiny. Some girls ask for extra money if you want to photograph them.Never accept this and explain its for srtictly personal use and not for the internet. You can negotiate this better if take the pics before paying up for the night. If you are into home videos, secret cameras etc better ask for permission first.Many girls are suspicious nowadays and wont let you do anything.

Avoid Arguments - Avoid heated arguments. Some girls get crazy very easily and start hitting you or throwing objects.While defending yourself you may hurt her,then the police gets involved, you get a police record,and you may get black-listed from entering the country depending on the seriousness of the event even if you did not start this.Never get into this kind of situation if the cause is a liitle amount of money. Its always better to pay and let her fuck off than letting the situation get out of control. Sometimes you can get another girl so you don't lose your barfine money, many times this is not possible or worth the trouble.If I get unlucky this way, which is rather rare, I do not bother at all. Mai pen rai, sabaai-sabaai etc

Time Together - If for any reason you get bored/disgusted of her and want her to leave, do it calmly and give her money according to services already provided or time spend already with you (you better pay, maybe a little less than agreed, if you spend serious time together even if you haven't fucked her yet) .Sometimes it is helpful to save face for both by faking a phone call from "a friend in need" who you must leave the hotel to help out right way, so she must leave the room to.

Shower Together - Try to shower together. Apart that this is a very good warming up act you can check if she cleans her self good enough. Some girls-fortunately not many- only quickly clean their private parts. If you feel she's not cleaning up good, do help her out telling her that this makes you horny. At the end give her some minutes of privacy so she can clean her private parts with lactacid, pee or take a shit before anal sex

Cellphones - Insist on her turning off her cellphone during sex and when sleeping. (A mute phone with vibration on is not good enough). You don't want sex or sleep interrupted with frequent phone calls which happens very often with BGs. Tell her that you don't like she talks with other customers/boyfriends while staying with you ( destroys the GFE for those who like that)

Room Safe - Find a place to hide your money/gold/passport/tickets beforehand.Hide it while she's still in the bathroom.Always check it before she leaves.Use the safe in the room if one is available. Also hide there expensive cellphones, cameras etc. Its also a good idea to a have a piece of luggage that you can lock and hide the key. In 26 years acting this way, I was never the victim of theft.

Money - It's good to have at least the exact amount of thai baht you agreed before going to your hotel to avoid runs for exchanging money at non- convenient times or get shortchanged if she leaves rather early. If you have enough money and you feel the girl was excellent do tip her above agreed price. Usually 500 extra would be ok.(don't tip excessively or you risk "japanising" the market for the rest of us)

Phone Calls - Be careful that she doesn't use the room phone for overseas calls. That can lead to extraordinary inflated phone bills

Ladyboys - If you are not into ladyboys check well beforehand for a male voice, tall stature, Adams apple (can be surgically excised), male genitals (can be excised to),and the most difficult to hide clues: large hands and feet. Always be gentle and calm if you have any suspicion, and you can always ask directly-they usually say the truth. Tell the ladyboy that she is very beautiful but you did not realize her true status and that you are not ready yet for this kind of experience.Keep smiling, say thank you a lot and do not in any way show disgust or make rude remarks as some ladyboys are known to react in extremely violent and unpredictable ways if they feel insulted-especially those plying their trade on the street (As some other Thai individuals I guess...)

Be Polite - Always be polite, calm, clean and pay all the money to the girls as agreed. A word of caution/or debate : If you are a newbie in the scene, and do not intend to find yourself in a serious relationship (at least on your part) and do not have a strong character do not LT a girl more than 2 times in a row ESPECIALLY if you like her a lot and the sex is terrific.(Even the second time can be dangerous in that matter) Odds are high you'll never know what hit you and you will end up sending money, doing frequent jealous phone calls, multiple trips back and forth and thoughts of marriage. (Younger guys traveling with friends are more resistant regarding this I think).Find some more stunners and rotate them during your trip to maximize the pleasure of the experience for what it really is : good sex with a pro. Even experienced guys are vulnerable at times when the shields are down and the lady is right. I closely escaped myself last year from one of the most seducing and sexy sirens I've ever met.I still carry the emotional trauma after 4 months. Newbies, you don't need to be intimidated by the large number of the above precautions, I tried to compile a complete list but many of these you will do automatically if you monger long enough.Many are personal preferences. Feel free to chose or modify whatever suits your needs. Experienced fellows please add up your suggestions/corrections

From a veteran monger visiting Thailand for many years:

Have fun !!

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