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► Bangkok Street Food - the Best in Asia

The travel website recently ranked Thailand’s capital of Bangkok as one of Asia’s 10 greatest street food cities. The website proclaimed the city as a street food ‘heavyweight’ due to its easily accessible choices of street food.

In the feature, 10 kinds of local Thai delicacies were presented, ranging from No. 1 the popular Pad See Ew noodles to No. 10 Khanom Krok, a well-known Thai dessert. The traditional Thai tea with milk Cha Yen also came in at No. 8. The full list is as follows:

  1. Phad See Ew (stir-fried rich noodles with broccoli and dark soy sauce)
  2. Som Tam (spicy papaya salad)
  3. Moo Ping (grilled pork skewers)
  4. Boat noodles (assorted noodles in small bowls)
  5. Khao Phad Poo (crab fried rice)
  6. Moo Dad Diew (marinated dried pork)
  7. Khanom Jeen (fermented rice noodles with curry)
  8. Cha Yen (Thai tea with milk)
  9. Khao Niew Manuang (sticky rice with mango)
  10. Khanom Krok (sweet coconut pudding)

The website also recommended one restaurant famous for each of the above foods with corresponding location on a Bangkok map.

Friday, May 29, 2020