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► Thailand by Train

In a rainforest wilderness in southern Thailand, Bau and Boi were being attacked by predators. Dozens of them. As soon as the pair stopped on the rainforest trail another would go after their blood. As one sunk its teeth into Bau’s thigh, their guide swiftly dabbed it with mashed-up cigarette. It released its grip, withered and fell to the ground. “Leeches hate tobacco,” Boi said, grimacing and wiping away the blood. “But I love leeches -- they’re a sign that the forest is healthy. There are so many here because Khao Luang is still full of [animals, like] sambar deer, tapir, binturong and tiger.”  

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► Crime Stopper: Pattaya Tourist Safety Zone

In the wake of increased crime rates in Pattaya district of Chonburi province, local police are pushing ahead with their plan to set up a safety zone project in the beach area and the Walking Street. The Chonburi Governor and the Pattaya Mayor will together preside over the project opening ceremony at the Walking Street tomorrow, during which the safety zone project will be officially unveiled. According to Superintendent of Pattaya police station Pol Col Thammanoon Mankong, the scheme is to provide tourists from around the globe who visit Pattaya each year with a greater sense of safety. He elaborated that a police patrol unit will be assigned to the safety zone on a 24-hour basis.

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► Travel & Leisure Magazine | Thailand Awards

Bangkok, Thailand’s bustling capital city, has once again received the highest score from Travel+Leisure Magazine’s online survey of the World’s Best Cities in 2012. This is the third year in a row that Bangkok has maintained the leading position in this survey of international travellers. The scoring for the World’s Best Cities in the Travel+Leisure survey was based on six criteria including sights, culture & arts, restaurants & food, people, shopping, and value.

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► Thailand Tourism Marketing Strategy 2013

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has unveiled a series of strategies designed to maintain Thailand’s brand image, marketing profile and visitor arrivals in a world of unprecedented change. Announced after the conclusion of the TAT’s annual action planning meeting, the strategies for 2013 are designed to ensure that the travel and tourism industry takes advantage of all the emerging opportunities while preparing itself to deal with any threats and challenges, both external and internal.

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Friday, April 23, 2021