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Are you tired of reading the same hillarious questions on a travel board on a daily basis, dealing with outdated links and contents, move through multiple pages with nonsense or huge amounts of smilies, find particular topics everywhere - except within the forum section where they really belong to, being harassed with entry pop-up, sliding or Google ads that you can't ignore or block, do you have enough of seeing paid - but not importent contents always in top forum positions ? If you answer our questions mostly with a straight yes, you probably found the right adult travel information board were you will "miss" most of this! Please check our new Thai Topics Board

In addition to the board our Thai Escort Girls website contains current independent and up-to-date P4P reviews, travel information and non-paid commercial or individual listings of Escort Services, Massage Parlors, Teen Massage Directories and Soapy Massage Entertainments throughout Bangkok and Pattaya as well as within the major tourism destinations in Thailand. We do not believe that paid advertising provides a reliable source for adult entertainment anymore, because the ranking of a particular business advertising placement may be indirectly preferred as soon as someone is paying for it

Saturday, January 23, 2021