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A gogo bar is a bar where customers are entertained by dancers (usually women) who dance for them in a manner most would consider erotic. They wear as little clothing as the laws allow and some dancers go even further. The dancers usually dance on an elevated stage or on podiums located throughout the bar. The dancing is accompanied by coordinated lights and loud music. Usually four or five ladies dance at any one time but sometimes many more might participate. Most dancers are selected for their beauty, their willingness to permit other people to view them almost naked, and their physical ability to dance. Although actually many ladies just sort of walk through their routines. Phuket Island has a relatively large number of go-go bars, almost all of them being located in the Bangla Road entertainment area of Patong Beach. Compared to regular bars, the ladies are usually more attractive, the drinks usually cost more, the bars are more likely to have a cover charge, the "bar fines" are usually higher and the girls usually ask for more money from men that wish to entertain them.

Bar Fine - Besides being able to enjoy watching and fantasize about the lovely dancers, though, the customers do actually have some advantages in these bars they do not have in regular beer bars. Many ladies in these bars are required by the management to leave the club with a certain number of customers every month or their salaries are reduced. Customers must pay the club a "bar fine", for the lady to accompany them, and the clubs make a lot of their incomes in this manner. Thus, the ladies are fairly anxious to permit a man to entertain them after or before the clubs are closed. Besides, many of the ladies, some of whom must dance several times within an hour's time, get really tired of dancing – and dressing and undressing - and are happy to leave the club with almost anyone who will pay the required bar fine and pays them decently.

A customer interested in a particular lady might get her attention and ask her to join him for a drink. The ladies will have a "lady drink" and these are considerably more expensive than what the customer drinks. Or, since many of the ladies wear numbers, a customer might tell a member of the staff that he would like to talk to a lady wearing a certain number. The lady will usually appear. It is also possible a lady will approach him and ask him if she might join him within a short time, she will tell him that she is "thirsty". Thus, it quite easy to meet a lady at a go-go club, although it does require paying for lady drinks.
While the two share time together, the customer may determine if he wishes to ask her to join him outside the club. Generally, a customer should try to determine this within the span of one drink or he might end up buying additional lady drinks. This can be alittle difficult to do because ladies most dance, dress, and undress often so the flow of a conversation is easily disrupted. After things are decided and talked through, the bar fine can be paid and the new friends may leave together. It is possible for a customer to wait at a club until after closing time and then meet the lady, or arrange to meet her outside of the club. This way, the customer can avoid paying the bar fine. Management, however, definitely does not like this, and most ladies are not willing to cooperate in this "deception", at least the first time. Some feel it is disrespectful, others view the customer as being very cheap, and, of course, a fear of management is involved.

These days, go-go bars, like most other entertainment places in Thailand,, are required by law to close at either 1:00 or 2:00 AM., although sometimes they are able to stay open until latter. The "lurid" shows which used to be a standard part of an evening of entertainment - ping pong show and so forth - are no longer performed. Ladies are now required to wear more clothing than used to be the case, but they are still lovely to behold. It has been said by some that it is now possible to be more "entertained" in some beer bars than in go-go clubs because…they are not go-go clubs and thus not regulated!

Gogo Bars on Bangla Road - Most of the gogo bars on Phuket Island are located in the Bangla entertainment area of Patong Beach. It is said that Soi Sea Dragon off of Bangla Raod has the most go-go's in the area. Among these are:

    •    The Sphinx, which is the first go go to be seen – on the left – when entering Soi Sea Dragon
    •    Play School, where the ladies wear school girl clothing (there are Play Schools in Pattaya and Bangkok)
    •    Lipstick, at the end of Sea Dragon
    •    The Dragon Club, which is said to be the largest go-go in Patong
    •    The Model
    •    Show Girls International
    •    Lolita
    •    The Heights
    •    The Pink Panther
    •    Club Rio
    •    Just outside Soi Sea Dragon is Rock Hard A Go-Go, which is considered to be one of Patong's very best.

Most of the other sois of Bangla – and there are seven or eight more of them – usually have at least one large go-go club. In recent times Soi Tiger, on the northern stretch of Bangla, is said to have become the most interesting and exciting place to be in Patong. It has a large large entertainment complex, complete with restaurants, beer bars and a large discotheque, and there are at a couple of go-go clubs attached to it. Those customers desiring gay go-go can find them on Soi Vegas or in the nearby Paradise complex, the center of gay activity in Patong Beach.

Gogo Bars Ouside Patong Beach - There is not much go-go bar activity or opportunity on Phuket Island outside of Patong Beach. Surprisingly (maybe), there is some in Phuket town located near the Royal Phuket City Hotel on Rassada Road, and near the Pink Lady Cafe. The clubs may be identified as go-go clubs by their Thai designation as "coyote dancing" places. The term "coyote" indicates go-go dancing. It is not meant to indicate a relation to the famous Coyote Club. It is also probable that there are some go-go style clubs – at least one or two – on Luang Poh Chuan Road in Karon Beach.

Go-Go Bars Charges - It is certainly possible to spend quite modestly at a go-go club. One can simply have a beer or a coke, or pay the cover charge and get their "free" drinks, and enjoy the entertainment. But it is also possible to spend heavily, although a customer might consider every baht well spent. If one drinks heavily, then one's bar tab can approach 1000 baht or exceed it. If one wishes to meet a lady and buys her two drinks, that can cost around 500 baht. If one decides to have the lady join him for the night, the bar fine will probably be 500 baht and the lady will expect to receive around 1,500 baht. And then, of course, there are the costs of taxis and so forth. By Western standards, however, the money spend is not such a great amount and it could be worth every baht!!

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