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Pattaya Nightlife Guide: Sexy Girls and Go-Go Bars on Walking Street. Soi 6 (Sex) and Beach Road Freelancer

Once upon a time Pattaya was a tranquil little place. A small community of Thais lived in this sleepy and secluded fishing village. But, all of that changed during the escalation of the Vietnam War. Pattaya transcended into “Patpong-On-Sea.” Time passed by and the rush for tourist cash totally ruined its image both above and below the surface. Frankly speaking, from the mid 1970’s, right into the 1990’s Pattaya was an ugly, stinking mess! European travel magazines often gave their readers clear warnings about the appalling pollution and other serious health hazards. In 1992 a European Holiday magazine voted Pattaya one of the world’s worst beach resorts. This is not at all an accolade that any holiday destination would wish to acquire. Pattaya’s infamous image spread rapidly around the globe, as it became notoriously known for sun, sea and sex. Even back in the 1980’s, Pattaya had become a tourist trap on amphetamines.

Now it is time to hop, skip and jump through the years and fast forward into the millennium. The last few years have seen incredible changes to pleasure playground. Who would have thought that even this booming party town would have expanded and improved so much? I know a lot of “Hi-So” people who would not have been seen dead in Pattaya in the 1980’s and 1990’s. But nowadays, these same guys and many others like them, have become regular visitors to pleasure playground. The expansion and modernization of Pattaya is nothing short of remarkable. Hotel and restaurant standards have risen dramatically, along with new shopping complexes. There are some superb pubs and clubs too. Not only the number of beer bars and go-go bars has increased, but the standards of the most popular establishments are very high. The enormous choice of venues means that visitors are able to find excellent value-for-money. The level of competition is so high that the various venue owners are working hard to provide the best bargains and customer care they can. We say farewell to the old Pattaya and we welcome the modern version with all its rejuvenated enthusiasm. I first visited Pattaya in the 1980’s. Since then, the bigger and better pleasure playground is the best that I have ever seen it. If you have not visited Pattaya for some time, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Pattaya Map

P4P Overview - Lets talk about Sex.....

Walking Street: On the south end of Beach Road is the famous Walking Street - blocked to motor traffic after 20:00 h. Walking Street and it's side roads are home to most of the Go-Go bars and Discos in Pattaya as well as to a number of Coyote Bars and Beer Bars. Except for the open air Beer Bars most of the Walking Street establishments are air conditioned. 
Most soapy massage parlors are along 2nd road between Soi 2 and Soi 4. Soi 6 (Sex): Quite unique and admittedly the Soi is either beloved or hated. Almost all of the bars in Soi 6 are known as a short time (ST) venues. Walk down the Soi and enjoy the swarms of ladies (and lady boys) outside the bars. Find a candidate (or more likely someone will find you) and head for the inside of the bar. Agree to spend the next hour together and pay the bar fine (typically 300 THB) and head upstairs for a shower, a relief and another shower. Tip the girl (commonly 700 THB) and you will be on your way. Most (but not all) the ST rooms in the Soi 6 bars are very much on the seedy side.
 Soi 6 is a daytime/early evening venue. Note: next to Soi 6 is Soi 6/1 which is the primary hangout for lady boys. Naklua Area: North of Soi 1 with more outdoor beer bars. The Naklua area is usually not found by newbie's without direction and recommendation from someone "who knows to get around". Soi 7 | 8: Just south of Central Pattaya Road - between Beach Road and 2nd Road - are even more beer bars and a few Go-Go bars. These soi's used to be very busy but some bars have closed down and new buildings have taken their place. Despite this fact these Sois should definitely be visited as they are a part of the Pattaya experience you should not miss. A lot of diamonds in the rough can be found there. New Plaza has a very poor P4P scene, but is an excellent place for a drink with some of the lowest prices found in Pattaya. Soi 11 (Honey): Head further south to Soi 11 which runs east of 2nd Road to Soi Buakhao. This Soi is known for many massage establishments - and although massages can be found all over Pattaya - this Soi has created a name for itself offering oil massages with a happy ending. Soi 13 (Diana): Many beer bars and several Go-Go's have opened their doors in the area. This area is becoming more and more popular as there are excellent hotels close by and some of them are brand new. Soi 13: With a mix of massage parlors and beer bars. This is far away from the most attractive part of Pattaya, but well worth a stroll. Soi 13/3 and 13/4 (aka: Pattayaland) are featuring more beer bars with many lady boys and gays. The area is also known as "BoyzTown". Coconut Bar or Beach Road: Finally there is the famous Coconut Bar, which is the beach side of Beach Road stretching all the way from Walking Street to Soi 1. Here and along Walking Street is the freelancer territory. Freelancers are found on Beach Road around the clock, with the peak hours from sunset to past midnight. The later it gets the higher percentage of lady boys are present. A stroll along Beach Road is interesting but be careful because occasional mugging and violence are reported. The expected compensation for freelancers are on the lower side (500 - 1000 THB) of what one may expect in Pattaya and there is no bar fine to be paid; yet as elsewhere prices varying. If you pick up a freelancer, you are on your own. She/he does not work at a bar and has no regular health check-ups such as the regular bar and a-go-go girls from the larger entertainment venues.

► Blowjob Bars

  • Bliss - 3rd Road - 700 THB (Sofa/Bar)
  • Lolita's - LK metro - 700 THB (Sofa/Bar)
  • Pump Station - Soi 13/2 - 875 THB (Bar)
  • Golden Girls - Soi 13/2- THB (Bar)
  • My Friend You - Soi 6 - 200 Bf THB - 500 THB Lady (Sofa/Bar)
  • Click Bar - Soi 6 - 200 Bf THB - 500 Lady THB (Sofa/Bar)
  • Full Moon Bar - Soi 6 - 200 Bf THB - 500 THB Lady (Sofa BJ Room)
  • Telephone Bar - Soi Batman - 300 Bf THB - 500 THB Lady (Sofa/Bar)
  • Carrie Le Blanc - Soi 33 - 300 Bf THB - 500 THB Lady (Sofa/Bar)


► GoGo Bars with Websites

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