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Thailand - Type of P4P Sexual Services | Bangkok, Pattaya, Samui and Phuket

Thailand offers a large variety of venues where P4P (Pay for Pleasure) is available. Each type of venue has it own flair and some strongly favor one type over another. Below are brief descriptions of most of the venues that you may find in Thailand.

Beer Bars: Thailand is full of beer bars where P4P is readily available. In Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui they are quite obvious, outdoors and usually found in clusters (Beer Bar Complexes or Sois). Sometimes they are just a few in a complex but all in a defined area. Each Beer Bar employs a number of ladies that may be commissioned to leave the bar for a small fee payable to the bar (BF = bar fine) In addition to the BF there will be an agreed-upon and assumed settlement for the lady.

GoGo’s: A lively setting where a number if ladies take turn mingling with patrons and taking turns dancing on stage. To a various extend the dancing on stage includes partial for full nudity and in some GoGo’s choreographed shows are part of the attraction. In many cases there may also be special shows such as girls in showers, girl-on-girl interactions, etc. A newbie should understand that the ladies are obligated to take turns performing on stage until a BF has been paid, so don’t be surprised if the lady you are talking to suddenly has to go dancing.

Coyote or Hostess Bars: A Coyote bar is a hybrid of a beer bar and a GoGo. Noticeable difference from a GoGo is that the dancers are neither nude nor topless and the stage(s) is/are not necessarily a center focal point, further the intensity of the music is usually kept to a level where one can have a normal conversation. The take turns to dance routine also apply here. A Hostage bar features hostages to entertain customers. The ladies are usually classier than those in beer bars. Coyote and Hostess are often interchangeable as either bar will feature both kinds of employees. In Pattaya, for example, one of the most famous Coyote bars is Secrets on Soi 14 - Walking Street.

Disco’s: Typically the ladies in a disco are not employed by the establishment and occasionally some are not there as part of P4P, but rather for the fun or to engage with (western) men. In turn there is no BF to be paid, but never assume that the girls are not expecting some compensation.

Freelancers: Ladies who have no affiliation with an establishment. Often found on the street or near beaches soliciting their offerings. They may also be found in Disco’s and freelance bars. In Bangkok and Pattaya well known bars named Beer Garden (not related) make a living by hosting freelancers while selling beverages. In Pattaya the Beer Garden is also a highly regarded restaurant. Occasionally there are exceptions when a bar allows freelances in exchange for a bar fine if they leave with a customer.
Newbie's should think twice before getting involved with freelancers. While most are great company and you can save on bar fines and lady drinks, there is no employer to go to should something go wrong. Also the chance of inadvertently picking up a Lady-Boy is a fair amount greater among freelancers.

Short Time and BJ bars: A short time (ST) bar is a bar that literally specializes in providing sexual services in-house and in a short period of time. Typically a session is about one hour long and completed in a private room upstairs of the bar. Soi 6 is a street in Pattaya that is famous for its large number of short time bars. 
A BJ (blowjob) bar is a variant of the ST bar and as the name implies it is a joint where you can get a blowjob without any or much privacy. Yes, you can sit right at the bar or in a couch and get a BJ while having a beverage. The ladies in these establishments obviously specialize in this one service and may add a twist or two i.e. perform with an ice cube in the mouth.

Soapy (Full Body Massage): Massage parlor where the ladies are often lined up on a stage (fishbowl) waiting for patrons to select them for a soapy massage. Typically the fishbowl has two or three sections where the fee for taking a lady varies based on looks and qualifications. In addition to the fishbowl the entertainment center may feature side-liners and models; all different approaches and fees. In a soapy the cost is all inclusive, and often a bit on the high side; discretionary tip is extra. A typical soapy offers either or both of two services: 1. A complete soap down (preceded with a bath), where the lady uses her body to wash down yours on an air mattress. 2. An extensive bath where the lady (in the tub) gives you the most thorough bath imaginable. No. 1 is the most common. In either case a sexual act/encounter with the lady providing the soapy service is assumed.

Fantasy Massage: These are establishments that specialize in making a fantasy come true; like a three-some (or more-some). Two of the most famous are Eden Club in Bangkok and Devil's Den in Pattaya. Both, for all intents and purposes, feature the same setup and experiences: Two ladies (minimum) and uninhibited action for sessions of 90 minutes or longer. They are a little on the pricy side, but with promises of fulfillment. Most services are in-house, but out call is also available. In Bangkok and Pattaya you may also find more serious fetish catering establishments. 

Escort Services: As anywhere in the world escort services are available in Thailand, but because of the abundance and variety of other venues these services have taken a back seat. In fact, an escort lady may likely be from any of the above establishments available at a (much) higher cost.

Karaoke Bars: Karaoke is a pastime among many Asians. These venues frequently operate like any other bar with employees that can be bar fined. While there are some that caters equally to westerners, they are generally for the Asians and are best left as such (especially as far as P4P is concerned).

Massages (Therapeutic): Therapeutic Massages are found EVERYWHERE in Thailand. While the primary offerings are therapeutic massages they may also offer various levels of “Happy Ending”. Mainly there are three types of offerings: Foot massage, Oil massage and Traditional Thai massage. Aside from the P4P aspects, a Traditional Thai Massage is something that all visitors to Thailand must try at least once (it can be addictive). At the end of the massage which is usually one or two hours the masseuse may offer additional services which can vary from a hand job to a much more intimate service. Keep in mind that some places (or individual masseuses) do not offer additional services. If a happy ending is expected simply ask before committing to the session.

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