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► A Sightseeing Trip to Ang Tong National Marine Park

Ang Tong National Marine Park | comprises over 40 more islands northwest of Samui and is well known for its scenic beauty and coral reefs. Many of these islands are limestone rock towers of up to 40m (131 ft.), fringed by beaches and tropical rainforest. It is a fascinating archipelago - about 45 minutes north west of Koh Phangan. The well-organized day-trips depart from Thongsala (meeting and booking office Tan Tour between the piers) aboard a speedboat daily to explore and discover Angthong Marine Park. Don’t loose hours to traveling by old wooden fishing boats, get our luxury speed boat which takes you there within a 45 minutes.

Larger animals do not thrive on these islands as they are small and dominated mostly by steep limestone mountains, with only few lightly to moderately slanted plains. Sixteen species of mammals like otters, langurs, crab-eating monkeys, hogs, silver haired bats, dolphins and whales are found. Other inhabitants are at least 54 species of birds, including Little Herons, Brahminy Kites, Common Sandpipers, Oriental Pied Hornbills, Drongoes and Hill Mynas. 14 species of reptiles are found like ground lizards, iguanas, Green turtles, Hawksbill turtles, phytons and cobras. Only five species of amphibians are found, Common Asian Toads, Tiger frogs, Rugose frogs, Grass frogs and Tree frogs. The waters of the national park are home to Butterfly fish, Angel fish, Parrot fish, Blue-Spotted fantail rays, Blacktip reef sharks, snappers groupers, sea slugs, blue swimming crabs, sea fans, sea whips, giant clams, oysters and coral. The park is also a breeding ground for mackerel.

Explore caves, hidden lagoons, white sand beaches and Emerald lake. Snorkeling among the shallow coral gardens makes this trip very popular and fascinating. National Marine Park Angthong, translates as ‘golden bowl’, occupies almost 250 sq km and includes 50 sq km of limestone islands and cliffs topography which rise from the sea as dramatic and bizarre rock formations. You can benefit from private speedboat cruises around the island and being well known for providing first class services, quality and flexibility. For reservation call: 077-238232

Speedboat Trips from Koh Phangan | Pick up time from your residence 08.00 – 08.30 h. enjoy a light breakfast | Board the speed boat to Ang Thong Marine Park | Snorkeling the best spot at Koh Wao or Koh Tay Plaow | Visit inner Emerald Lake - Talay Nai and walk to the most incredible viewpoint to see all 42 Islands of Angthong National Marine Park | Sightseeing around Angthong Marine Park and explore Monkey Island, Lion Island | Lunch Time – Beach Front Buffet Lunch at the best beach on Koh Wua Talap Island | Kayaking, relaxing or snorkeling around Angthong National Marine Park and Koh Pee Island through the caves | 16.30 return transfer back to your residence. Adult Rates: THB 1800.00 and THB 2000.00 with kayaking

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Monday, May 17, 2021