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▶ Bangkok Freelance Thai Girl Directory

Our directory includes some beautiful and sexy Thai girls with excellent customer feedback. These typical "girls-from-the-next-door" are providing a great GF = Girlfriend Experience, do not work in bars and they do not advertise their services in magazines or the usual punter publications. The negotiable rates are above average but quality is not even in Thailand cheap either. >> Website

▶ Bangkok Freelance Girl Bars and Clubs - Meeting the Freelance Thai Girls

Beer Garden | Soi 7 Sukhumvit | øTHB1500 - 2000.00
Concept CM2 | Basement of the Novotel Hotel at Siam Square | ø THB3000.00
Gullivers | Soi 5 Sukhumvit | A institution in Bangkok with some nice Girls
Narcissus | Soi 23 Sukhumvit | ø THB3000.00
Ministry of Sound | Soi 12 Sukhumvit - just after Darling Massage
QBar | Sukhumvit Soi 11
Rivas | Basement of Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit (Opposite Sukhumvit Soi 19 | ø US$150.00
Spasso | Basement of Grand Hyatt Erawan | øTHB6000.00
Hard Rock Cafe | Soi 3 Sukhumvit | Some nice Girls
Angels | Soi 4 Sukhumvit Nana Hotel | Some nice Girls
Tantra | Basement of the Pan Pacific Hotel
Happy Bar | Soi 22 Sukhumvit
Thermae | Soi 15 Sukhumvit

Most of the ladies are decent hard-working girls trying to make month ends meet. Be aware though, that the freelance ladies who frequent these places are not under any form of supervision or management, and are not subjected to mandatory/regular health checks. Further, should there be any problems with her attitude or honesty, e.g. if you are drugged and robbed, you have no chance of redress. A proliferation of open-air beer bars, often on the sidewalks along Sukhumvit Road, and also of 'traditional Thai massage' places, certainly has something to do with the economic crisis that developed in the years following 1997. On the other hand, more and more tourists are coming to Thailand, creating an ever larger market for prostitution in its various forms. As of 2011, Thailand's economic situation has greatly stabilized, but street prostitution has not gone away.

Certainly the last few years active freelancer activity is present throughout the central Sukhumvit area. Girls are 'available' in front of Robinson department store, close to Ambassador hotel, and on the other side of the road, in front of Pacific place (close to Landmark hotel). Furthermore, quit a few girls take up position in the evening and night, between soi 3 and soi 5 (soi Foodland). When walking at night in between Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza, it is quite impossible for male wanderers, not to get various propositions. Katoeys are around close to Nana intersection and in front of Ambassador (there is a narrow passage in between Ambassador entrance and a tourist information kiosk, where a lot of them are located). At night some of them seem to prefer to loiter on the pedestrian bridge crossings. Watch out for your wallet!

The Foodland area at night has become a place where quite few unsavory characters hang out, including prostitutes, pimps, mobile telephone 'operators' etc.

All in all, central Sukhumvit road, in between Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, a stretch of road about 1.5 km long, has become one large entertainment area with lots of beerbars and freelance prostitutes. It is quite puzzling why the development of a freelance market is being tolerated by the authorities, especially in view of a crackdown on other parts of the entertainment scene a few years back. For sure Sukhumvit is becoming an area of low grade criminality. Hopefully this development does not go much further. Unfortunately, police in Bangkok have a habit of either driving around on motorcycles or directing traffic (or sitting in the traffic control boxes). Not much walking around, checking out the area. Just a few policemen walking down the sidewalk of Sukhumvit, would do wonders in controlling the illegal activities going on there.

Besides the description above it has to be noted that pornographic material is widely displayed and available on the sidewalk. While certainly illegal, there seems to be no enforcement of the law.

Note: Some girls are asking for a wire "deposit" of about THB 2000 to confirm an appointment. If you change time or date you'll loose the money. So don't be stupid and pay because there are 1000s of girls all over Thailand available. Just ask for a phone # to call upon arrival. You will notice that all girls have "open slots".

ø LT Average Rates

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