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▶ Bangkok - Soi Cowboy

BACCARA GO-GO BAR - Located at the Soi 23 end of Soi Cowboy directly opposite Rio. Baccara has been remodelled and is bigger and better than before. Baccara is a large go-go bar split over two levels. To some degree Baccara is infamous for being a ‘Jap Trap’ but there are a large number of attractive go-go girls here. Downstairs the go-go dancers are dressed in full bikinis and are certainly not the most revealing of the Baccara bunch. On the top level, you can discover some very cute dolly birds. Upstairs the ’students’ conveniently lose items of clothing. Baccara is the biggest moneymaker in Soi Cowboy and in this respect, it is vastly superior to the other gogo bars. The introduction of ‘NO SMOKING’ makes the downstairs area much more comfortable. It is a relief that the Japanese chain-smokers are not blowing up a storm. Currently, Baccara probably has the most go-go dancers in Soi Cowboy. Well worth a visit, but it does remain a ‘Jap Trap’ because smoking is allowed upstairs. Non-smokers need to be aware of that. However, despite that Baccara is brimming with go-go dancers. Nightclub style dance music encourages the go-go dancers to move to the groove. A lot of guys class Baccara as a must see when visiting Soi Cowboy.

CACTUS GO-GO BAR - Cactus is a small go-go bar that is rather rough and ready, but kind of homely. There are a few attractive gogo girls among what is generally a mediocre, but very friendly bunch of Thai girls. The go-go dancers attire is birthday suits and currently smoking is still permitted. Cactus Go-Go Bar stocks the widest range of Belgian Beers in Thailand. The inimitable host ‘Cactus John’ cooks up some excellent home style American food, which attracts a cult following. John’s delicious delights are usually served on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check it out!

AFTER SKOOL BAR  - Naughty nubiles dressed as schoolgirls provide a ‘hands-on’ service. The ‘Naughty Boys Corner’ is rather naughty to say the very least! The ‘students’ here are proficient in manual work and oral examinations. A favorite pit stop for those needing some human plumbing. Both the beers and the babes are reasonably priced.

DOLLHOUSE GO-GO BAR - A popular go-go bar from when it first emerged in Clinton Plaza. Dollhouse has always had a reputation for attractive go-go dancers. WARNING! This place is a ‘booby trap’ with buxom bar girls busting out all over the place! For those guys who like their bar girls top heavy, Dollhouse is the right pleasure palace. Dollhouse run a ‘Crazy Hour’ up until 9:30pm. Standard drinks are ONLY 70 Baht. With Dollhouse it is best to get in earlier rather than later. Later on many of the best go-go dancers have been taken and the ‘Crazy Hour’ has ended. The ‘Crazy Hour’ is great for the customers, but rather self-defeating for Dollhouse. This is a good go-go bar to start your rounds in Soi Cowboy. The format remains mono bikinis, which is a bonus in this booby trap! If you were not aware Dollhouse has opened the top level, where go-go girls are in their birthday suits. Crazy Hour still runs until 9:30 PM and standard drinks cost just 70 baht.

LONG GUN GO-GO BAR - Still going strong after several decades. Deemed by veterans as an institution in Soi Cowboy and also in Bangkok’s naughty nightlife scene. The ‘magic pussy shows’ are a complete turn off for some people, but they do have some lovely dolly birds. Long Gun did look about 100 years old, but it has been thoroughly renovated. Long Gun still draws a good crowd on a nightly basis. I try to avoid the ‘genital gymnastics’ but I really enjoy the Rock Show. The Rock Show consists of a string of classic rock songs, where the showgirls perform some fantastic acrobatic acts. A terrific Happy Hour, but standard drinks have been raised to 150 baht. Long Gun has become the most popular sister bar, due to Raw Hide being sold and now in a sad state.

SHARK GO-GO BAR - Renowned for having a collection of among the most attractive go-go dancers in Bangkok. With a large number of glamorous go-go girls, this is one of the best gogo bars for eye candy in the whole of Bangkok. At times the techno music leaves a lot to be desired, but I suppose you can’t have everything. Not as many Thai girls as previously, but the overall talent level remains very high. Shark is now split over two levels, but the downstairs is far better. Well worth a visit on your go-go bar rounds.

▶ Bangkok - Nana Plaza

LUCKY LUKE’S BAR - Historically the oldest beer bar in Nana Plaza, and old Lucky Luke’s is still going strong. It does not usually draw that much of a crowd, but it does have a slow, but steady flow of customers. Lucky Luke’s Bar is another good spot to watch the comings and goings inside Nana Plaza. Not surprisingly, Lucky Lukes can draw a good crowd on occasions. Still continues to draw a decent crowd and it is a great viewpoint for the comings and goings in Nana Plaza. The Thai girls here are farang friendly. Not a bad bunch of gogo girls, woth a visit. Because it is not an enclosed bar, smoking is still permitted. Lucky Lukes is something of a smokers haven.

PLAY SKOOL GO-GO BAR - Situated on the right-hand side as you enter Nana Plaza, Play Skool Go-Go Bar sits in-between Hollywood Rock Go-Go Bar and Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar. For many years Play Skool has always been something of an institution in Nana Plaza. Renowned for playing classic rock music, it is one of the few go-go bars, where you can enjoy good ole rock ‘n’ roll. Still operating to a mixture of full and mono bikinis, but no shows. Unfortunately, the owners of Play Skool have other priorities (several bars in Soi Cowboy) and therefore, it is often left unattended. The go-go dancers are friendly enough and half the line-up comprises of very hot Thai girls. Play Skool has replenished its line-up and at least half of the go-go girls dance in mono bikinis. Worth a look on your go-go bar rounds in Nana Plaza, especially with several very HOT gogo girls on the stage.

PRETTY LADY GO-GO BAR - Located on the left-hand side as you enter Nana Plaza, Pretty Lady Go-Go Bar is the next go-go bar down from Lollipop. Back in the 1990′s Pretty Lady was classed by many people as one of the very best go-go bars in Bangkok. For many years, Pretty Lady had a loyal following and her reputation alone continues to this day to attract customers. Currently Pretty Lady run a Happy Hour up until 9:00pm. Standard drinks are 80 Baht, which also includes San Mig Light. With the added value of a Happy Hour, Pretty Lady is a good place to start your rounds in Nana Plaza. Furthermore, standard drinks are only 120 Baht, which makes Pretty Lady one of the cheaper go-go bars in Nana Plaza. Currently, Pretty Lady has quite a good line-up of go-go dancers, who will interact with you. Well worth a visit. The Happy Hour is still going and the go-go dancers are still flashing their wares under their skirts. Pretty Lady took on a new mamasan. The new mamasan is a pleasant woman, who has been going up to customers and politely introducing herself. As most of you know, a good mamasan can in some cases make or break a go-go bar. Pretty Lady previously took on a bunch of go-go dancers from one or two other go-go bars in Nana Plaza. Nowadays it is more like a single mother’s club. Although very hit or miss, occasionally Pretty Lady is worth checking out…

RAINBOW 1 GO-GO BAR - Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar is the first go-go bar on the right-hand side on the ground level, as you enter Nana Plaza. Rainbow 1 is nestled between Play Skool Go-Go Bar (left) and Spirit House Bar (right). With the advantage of prime location, Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar draws the masses on a nightly basis. A few years ago, Rainbow 1 was fully refurbished, which was a welcomed improvement. The current format is continuous go-go dancing in black bikinis. There are no shows in Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar. However, quite a few people would dispute the fact that having so many HOT go-go dancers, is a great show itself. Rainbow 1 is quite a small go-go bar when you compare it to some bars like Rainbow 4. However, the Dave The Rave Q Factor, or “a quantity of quality” is very high. Local beers and spirits were raised this high season to 135 Baht, but the barfine remains the standard 600 baht. WHAT’S HOT – There are so many attractive go-go dancers in Rainbow 1 that it puts most rival go-go bars to shame. It is worth visiting just for the awesome eye candy! Interestingly, Rainbow 1 only charges 110 baht for lady drinks. WHAT’S NOT – It does get very crowded and with it partly being a ‘Jap Trap’ there is the over-generous Japanese clientele to contend with. Some of the go-go dancers prefer to entertain Japanese customers and their prices reflect that. Remember Dave The Rave’s “Famous Fours Factor” – Four inch dick, Four minutes sex, Four thousand baht! Rainbow 1 have introduced a strict “NO SMOKING” policy, which will make a HUGE difference to everybodies health. It is much more comfortable now that the Japs are not blowing up a storm. Well done Rainbow! Rainbow 1 continues to draw a reasonable crowd in 2011. Standard beers and spirits now cost 145 baht. Although labelled as a ‘Jap Trap’ by many Westerners, Rainbow 1 is still worth a visit. The Japanese have returned to Thailand over the last couple of months, but not as many as previously. Rainbow 1 still has a fairly strong line-up of attractive go-go dancers. Similar to a number of go-go bars, it is quieter than before.

ANGELWITCH GO-GO BAR - The former co-owners of Angelwitch are the pioneers of the most professionally choreographed go-go bar stage shows in Thailand. Internet columnist ‘Baron Bonk’ rated the Angelwitch stage shows equally as good as Crazy Horse in Paris. As proof of the popularity Angelwitch Go-Go Bar was voted ‘Best Go-Go Bar In Bangkok’ for 3 consecutive years. In addition, Angelwitch attracts a good crowd at Showtime and has done for almost a decade. This is one go-go bar that remains consistently busy all year round. It is quite simply a go-go bar for all seasons; come rain or shine Angelwitch attracts the crowds. During the past few months Angelwitch has taken on a number of new go-go dancers. Also, there are some new faces among the Showgirls, which will help to embellish the stage shows. Currently Showtime starts at 10:00 PM and runs for at least 3 hours nightly. Despite a drop in bar trade across Thailand, Angelwitch Go-Go Bar remains popular at Showtime (10:00 PM until late). Angelwitch has taken on a considerable amount of “farm fresh” go-go dancers. The dance format is mono bikinis. Nowadays, there is certainly more to see in Angelwitch. Some more new shows have appeared amid the “Bangkok Broadway” repertoire. Several new faces have refreshed the line-up of the Angelwitch Showgirls. A number of resident Showgirls are present every week. Several Showgirls have stopped working, but the new faces are refreshing replacements. After Dark Asia magazine models Vun, Poo and Meow are examples of the talent level. New shows including the acrobatic Rammstein Show, which is performed by Poo and Jo-Jo. Recently, some very HOT shows have been added to spice it up. A number of wives and girlfriends accompany their men, because Angelwitch will ‘tease’ rather than ‘sleaze’ the audience. Angelwitch is the best choice in Thailand, if you want to see professionally produced stage shows. Angelwitch can hold its own against any go-go bar in Nana Plaza in terms of the quality of the go-go girls, (although individual taste does vary enormously). Angelwitch now has arguably some of the most attractive go-go dancers in Bangkok. For Angelwitch 2011 has got off to a great start and they are doing a roaring trade. More importantly for you, the beautiful Miss Nudee has returned to the Angelwitch Show Team.

DC-10 GO-GO BAR - This is a tiny Thai owned go-go bar that sits in-between Sexy Night Go-Go Bar and Casanova Go-Go Bar. DC-10 Go-Go Bar is not known for attractive go-go dancers, but the DJ plays some classic Western music. Now under new ownership by the Erotica Group. Now under the same ownership as Spankys, along with an Australian partner. The new DC 10 has been remodelled and it reopened on Christmas Day. It is designed like the inside of an airplane.

MANDARIN GO-GO BAR - Located directly ahead of you, as you step off the escalator. Mandarin Go-Go Bar has ownership connections with Mandarin Table Dance and Shark Go-Go Bar in Soi Cowboy. Although Mandarin is a small go-go bar, it is split into two levels. Mandarin stopped its popular Happy Hour, but it still has some lovely go-go dancers. The go-go girls in Mandarin tend to be more attractive and younger than most of the go-go bars in Nana Plaza. Check it out! The top level of Mandarin is sadly NOT operational, because Mandarin doesn’t have enough go-go girls to operate both levels. However, they do have a good line-up of enthusiastic young dolly birds. Well worth checking out, especially when the ‘students’ are dancing. Currently has a very good line-up of sexy hot babes. Arguably the most attractive go-go dancers in Nana Plaza. Well worth a visit for babe hunters!

MANDARIN TABLE DANCE GO-GO BAR - Mandarin Table Dance is under the same ownership as Mandarin Go-Go Bar and Shark Go-Go Bar in Soi Cowboy. With the table dance format this little go-go bar does make a bit of a change to the norm. On a good night Mandarin Table is a fun place with lively dolly birds doing the tabletop bop! Has a bunch of sexy, young go-go girls. If you don’t like crowds and customer competition, this place is ideal. One of the more underrated go-go bars in terms of Thai girl talent. The quality has dropped but the go-go girls are farang friendly.

RAINBOW 4 GO-GO BAR - The mighty Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar is located in the far right corner on the middle level in Nana Plaza. Rainbow 4 is situated in-between G Spot Go-Go Bar and Temptations Go-Go Bar. Following a buy out, Rainbow 4 took over the space occupied by Woodstock Bar & Restaurant, and Rosemarie Bar. Therefore, this is a BIG go-go bar. Inside there are two go-go stages, which house the largest number of go-go dancers inside four walls in the whole of Thailand. In terms of the Dave The Rave Q Factor (a quantity of quality), Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar is a “must see” whenever you explore Bangkok’s naughty nightlife. It is the ultimate “analysis paralysis” go-go bar experience! Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar is deemed by many, as the best go-go bar in Thailand. In terms of eye candy, Rainbow 4 is truly awesome! WHAT’S HOT – What could not be HOT about two go-go stages packed with dancing dolls? At its peak, Rainbow 4 has to have no less than FOUR shifts of go-go girls. This is incredible in itself, when you consider that most go-go bars have only two shifts of go-go dancers. The sheer amount of eye candy on display makes it a most impressive pleasure palace. Many guys consider rainbow 4, as more “farang friendly” than the other three Rainbow Go-Go Bars. Many of the go-go dancers will go with Westerners and another positive is that they play rock music. WHAT’S NOT – The design layout looks like a blind man created it. Unfortunately, there is nowhere to view both go-go stages fully. You can sit in the isle between the two go-go stages and turn your head from side to side as if you are at a tennis match. Or, you can pay your bar bill and move around the bar with drink in hand. Still going strong with a lot of go-go dancers on the books. Although there are less Japanese customers, Rainbow 4 is also popular with Westerners. Some of the go-go girls wear full bikinis, others wear mono bikinis, and a few are in their birthday suits. Rainbow 4 is still very high on quantity with two stages packed with go-go girls. The Bangkok babe hunters all tell me that Rainbow 4 has dropped in terms of quality, but remains high on quantity. Remains the most farang friendly of the four Rainbow Bars.

EROTICA GO-GO BAR - Erotica Go-Go Bar is located on the left-hand side of the stairs that lead onto the top floor. Erotica Go-Go Bar has two levels and also “bonking booths,” or short time rooms as they are commonly called. Recently Erotica has taken on some very polite and efficient service girls from Mandarin Go-Go Bar. Other girls including some go-go dancers from Mandarin have also joined Erotica. Currently, Erotica has a replenished line-up and there are a few very attractive dolly birds to be found. Erotica still run a Happy Hour up until 9:00pm, where standard drinks are only 80 Baht. Erotica appear to be operating on one level, which does help to enhance the atmosphere. If a go-go bar is struggling to operate on two levels, because of a shortage of go-go dancers, it makes sense to combine the girls onto one stage. Beware of expensive lady drinks. A special lady drink will cost you 220 baht. This is the most expensive lady drink in any go-go bar in Bangkok. However, Erotica has some lovely, young go-go girls who are farang friendly. Can sometimes be a bit hit or miss, but worth visiting for the babe hunters.


▶ Bangkok - Sukhumvit Area

NAPOLEON CLUB | Sukhumvit Soi 33 Location: Prices: Happy Hour 16:00 - 21:00: Singha Bottle 90 THB, Lady Drink 180 THB. 21:00 - 03:00: Singha Bottle 160 THB, Lady Drink 190 THB. Mamasam: Nuan 081-5614144 Comments: Nice bar, mostly average giirls and quite expensive. Website

VANILLA BAR | Sukhumvit Soi 33 - Next to Peep Inn hotel, on the small esplanade above Peep Inn parking lot (above Akane Fashion Massage but on the opposite side). 15:00 - 18:00: Entrance Fee: 250 THB including 1 drink, 30 min with a girl (for a drink) 150 THB, Barfine 500 baht, FS 1,200 THB. 18:00 - 01:00: Entrance Fee: 500 THB including 2 drinks, 30 min with a girl (for a drink) 150 THB, Barfine 500 THB, FS 1,200 THB. Comments: Unique concept of Beer/GoGo/hostess bar with a club touch. I like creative ideas and new concept, especially in the p4p industry. Recently I mentioned the GoGo Club Brainchild of a Farang Go Go bar owner, today I will talk about a Japanese new idea: The Sexy Cafe and Bar. Vanilla Sexy Cafe and Bar is a mix of a beer bar, a Go Go bar and a hostess bar or a gentlemen Club. Like in a beer bar you go there for a drink (I mean it’s not a Karaoke and there is no pole dance like in a Go Go bar), like in a hostess bar or gentlemen Club you pay for a girl company by the hour, and like in a Go Go Bar the girls wear sexy outfits (in this case a sexy school uniform) and you can barfine them. Oh, and it’s also a bit of a club, because they charge at the door! It will cost you 250 baht to enter Vanilla Sexy Cafe and Bar. You’ll have to pay 150 baht for every 30 minutes the girl of your choice will spend with you. The BF is priced 500 baht and girls are available for ST at a standard rate of 1,200 baht. You can very conveniently use the Peep Inn ST hotel next door! I had no time to get in and have a look at the drink menu and prices, but I can confirm that they had a few cutties waiting for customers at the door. Amazing how a small and tight white shirt and a short black dress can make any common girl look sexy as hell, anyway! Vanilla Sexy Cafe and Bar is located on Sukhumvit soi 33, on the small esplanade above the Peep Inn parking lot (above Akane Fashion Massage but on the opposite side), next to Peep Inn Hotel. It is primarily for Japanese customers as you can guess from the sign at the door, however Farang customers are welcome. They even have a small sheet of paper in English explaining the concept and mentioning the prices. However speaking a bit of Thai will probably help. Website

RENOIR CLUB | Sukhumvit Soi 33Renoir Club, the legend of Sukhumvit soi 33“, this is the way they advertise almost every day in the Bangkok post classified pages. This has a cost. And they have to make money to pay these expensive ads. Maybe that is why they have set up a Barfine price that you will remember for a while: 1800 THB! Renoir Club is a large and nice bar, a bit upscale compared to the other beer bars of the soi. It is a bit like the Office maybe, except it looks more like a pub and not like a sports bar. The hostesses wear a nice and sexy uniform that make them look like naughty office girls. The whole place is rather pleasant and suits for a good evening with friends or business partners, however when it comes to prices, in my opinion, Renoir Club pushes the envelope! Once the Happy Hours (16:00 - 21:00) are over, a Singha beer bottle will cost you 160 THB. The Lady Drink is an expensive 200 THB. As I mentioned before, the BF is 1800 THB, which is probably the highest price in the soi (but still below the 2000 THB BF at Titanum) The girl I talked to was 28 and had a baby. This is worth mentioning because, usually, girls with a baby tend to go for cheaper than the others, for obvious physical reasons (sad but true). Still she quoted 2500 ST. When I made a face, she explained that the other girls usually go THB 3000 ST and 4000 LT. Do the math. An evening spent at Renoir Club can be very expensive, but hey, this is what it costs to live a legend! Website

CHRISTIES CLUB | Sukhumvit Soi 33 - Location: Sukhumvit soi 33, first bar on the left side at the beginning of the soi. BTS Phrom Phong. Website

DALI COYOTE CLUB | Sukhumvit Soi 33 - I saw the sign a long time ago. It is a new sign promoting the Dali Coyote Club at the second floor of Dali Club on Sukhumvit soi 33. I wanted to check it out for a while and this is what I did recently. The second floor at Dali is a huge room with a large bar on one side, a small stage on another side, a pool table on another side and a few couches and tables in the middle. And they do feature, yes, Coyotes. The difference with a Go Go bar is that there are no chrome poles, that the girls are actually dancing (not just one step back – one step forward) and that they don’t wear any number on them. Apart from that, it is pretty much the same. It was friday night and the bar was empty. I was the only customer except for a couple who played pool. 5 or 6 coyotes were taking turn on the stage. Not prettier than your average go-go girl. Not better dancer either. Nothing outstanding there. I wonder how they can make money with such a place, especially when you consider that Dali Club downstairs is also often very quiet and doesn’t seem to be a milk cow for the owner. The beer is priced 130 THB and the Lady Drink 180 to 200 THB. The BF is 1500 THB (it is 1300 THB at the Dali Club). I talked to 2 girls, one service girl and one coyote. Both said that they would go ST for 3000 THB, non negotiable for the first one, and only discounted to 2500 THB by the second one. “This is not soi Cowboy”, one said. Well… The Coyote effect…

PAPA BAR | Sukhumvit Soi 33 Location: Sukhumvit soi 33, on the right hand side. BTS Phrom Phong. Prices: Singha Beer bottle 135 THB, BF 1,600 THB! Comments: Girls with sexy outfit and leather cap. Website


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