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► BKK141 Bangkok Escort Service Scam

Bad customer service - avoid BKK141 Escort Service !! This is a recent report from a customer on BKK141 Escort Service. After an extensive research of this outfit we found out that the manager "Scott" is a British ex-pat escape artist with an extensive criminal background holding a Thai Tourist Visa and maintains this status through visa runs to Cambodia. His mamasam "Nee" has multiple drug convictions and is well know within the "industry" of dealing/hiring underage girls. Both are tolerating and participating financially in escort girls blackmail or extortion attempts. Be careful and stay away !! Please check also reports and feedback of other forums at: | | | | | |


After speaking with Nuch at length regarding the situation it became evident  to me that there are two sides to the story, you Sir have not been 100 % truthful in your version of events. When Nuch arrived she did not have her period the first night it was only the following morning however you were happy enough to continue on with the booking even going to the extend of buying pads for Nuch. The problems seem to have started the following evening at the restaurant, if the fact Nuch had her period was of such a consequence why did you wait so long to break off the booking?  I do not like to be manipulated Frank  sure Nuch was in the wrong for accepting the booking when there was a change she may encounter her period but on the same token your actions are less than honourable.  As I have said previously Nuch has been with Bkk141 for 2 years and has very good client feedback you are the first person to make a complaint against her so in this case I have given Nuch her first and only warning. Honesty is the best policy Frank you would have had  more of a case had you been honest from the outset.


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Subject: RE: Regarding Nuch
From: Travel Wizzard < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >
Date: Sat, April 21, 2012 4:46 pm
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Dear Scott

I am surprised that the suspension of Nuch lasted only for 48-hours !
It seems like you and your partner rare tolerating the overall behavior of the girl and you don't care about either if a girl has her period or not. Priority has obviously the money. Would be nice to receive a quick response on it


From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Regarding Nuch
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2012 20:46:15 -0700

Hello Sir,

I apologize for the late correspondence  I am currently out of Thailand in transit. After reading your email I am lost for words no amount of apologizing can make up for the terrible booking experience you have had to endure with Nuch. I have removed Nuch from our service as of immediately there is no excuse for  accepting  a booking knowing there was a possibility that she may get her period. Nee would not have sent Nuch had she known that there was a possibility Nuch may get her  period it does not make for good business or client relationships something we hold in very high regard. As you may understand it is impossible for Nee to know the menstrual status of the escort she has to rely on the escorts honesty when asking if the escort is available for a booking. Having said this it is a condition of working for Bkk141 that the escorts should not under any circumstance accept any booking if there is a chance they may encounter their period so I am at a lost to why this has happened.  Nee spoke with Nuch about this matter the only explanation she had was that she has recently changed her contraception pill to another brand  several months earlier and since then her period has come at irregular cycles so she had no way to knowing exactly when her period was due as it can fall up to one week either way. I explained that this was no excuse and that she should have declined the booking if she was not sure. I know this is of cold comfort but there is little that can be done at this point, however if you feel there is something more that I can do I would be very happy to oblige.  I expected better from Nuch as she had worked for Bkk141 for 2 years with very good client all I can do is remove her from our service and offer you my sincerest  apology for the trouble and inconvenience you have experienced.



I forwarded this message also via SMS:

I spoke today to a lady at your office and complaint that she send me a female escort despite the fact that this escort has her period !! Accordingly, I ask the escort to return to BKK. She is currently at a hotel in Samui ( I paid THB 2900 for it) and she will be transferred to the airport tomorrow morning by hotel shuttle.

I paid her 15000 THB which covers 1 night of service (non existent due to her period)  THB 7500 plus the flight THB 4700 She is now calling all the time and trying to extort additional flight expenses out of me. I am not tolerating this any longer - and if necessary - I will contact the police and press charges against her if you do not talk to her immediately. Another option is to contact a lawyer tomorrow morning and discuss other actions.

I think it is absolutely not understandable that your service send out an female escort which has her period !!

Thank you

Saturday, January 23, 2021